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Delhi Capitals won by 39 runs
116 - 18.5/20 ov
155/7 - 20/20 ov
Match 30, Hyderabad

What an evening that turned out to be for Delhi Capitals! For so long, it looked like Sunrisers had the game in cruise control and while Warner was still at the crease, it would be hard to say that they didn't. But the crucial moment was that wicket of Warner, claimed by the excellent KG Rabada, who alongside Keemo Paul were the main catalysts for DC's victory. Chris Morris, Amit Misha and Ishant Sharma weren't too bad either! It really was a brilliant team bowling performance from the Capitals who now move up into 2nd place in the VIVO IPL ladder after taking their total to 10 points. Sunrisers however now sit 6th with just the 6 points. Plenty of work still to do for both sides though. Delhi are starting to look like a very strong outfit. That's all for tonight, so thanks for joining us and we shall see you back tomorrow!

MoM: Keemo Paul

Williamson: "I thought the first half with the ball was a pretty good effort, in the second half we tried but never got any partnerships going, we never got ahead of the game. There's never complacency in such a tournament, anyone can beat anyone."



Iyer: "It started to slow down and me and Rishabh decided that one of us must go on, the way we lost wickets in succession wasn't great but we got some at the back-end from Keemo Paul and Axar. It's a positive thing to carry back home, the way we bowled was exceptional."

Delhi Capitals win by 39 runs

End of Over 19 - 4 runs, 2 wickets SRH 116
Sandeep Sharma1* (1b)

Wicket! All over red rover! KG Rabada is the king of the castle and that it that! Another perfect yorker hones into off stump and removes it from where it once stood! Very impressive display from Delhi's bowlers!

18.5 K Rabada to K Ahmed, WICKET!!! K Ahmed is out b Kagiso Rabada, 145.26 km/h full length on off stump.

Wicket! Another nail in the coffin! This is mistimed straight up and this time KG takes the catch!

18.4 K Rabada to B Kumar, WICKET!!! B Kumar is out c & b Kagiso Rabada, 118.02 km/h short length on leg stump.
18.4 K Rabada to S Sharma, wide delivery.

This is an exhibition of T20 bowling here from the DC seamers

18.3 K Rabada to B Kumar, one run, 147.85 km/h full length on middle stump.
18.2 K Rabada to B Kumar, no run, 140.05 km/h short length on leg stump.
18.1 K Rabada to S Sharma, one run, 139.95 km/h short length going down leg.
End of Over 18 - 4 runs, 3 wickets SRH 112/8
Bhuvneshwar Kumar*1* (1b)

Wicket! Calipso collapso from SRH! Another skier is taken with ease by Keemo Paul. What a day he has had! And yes, confirmation I just heard the fat lady warming up her vocal chords!

17.6 C Morris to A Sharma, WICKET!!! A Sharma is out c Keemo Paul b Chris Morris, 136.86 km/h full length on middle stump.
17.5 C Morris to B Kumar, one run, 143.58 km/h full length just outside off stump.
17.4 C Morris to A Sharma, one run, 144.21 km/h full toss just outside off stump.

Wicket! Rashid's gone first ball! A length ball is slogged high into the sky and Keemo Paul does the rest at deep mid-wicket! Now it's Morris' turn to be on a hat-trick!

17.3 C Morris to R Khan, WICKET!!! R Khan is out c Keemo Paul b Chris Morris, 124.46 km/h good length on middle stump.

Wicket! Chris Morris full pint! It's full and straight, and Hooda's leg stump has gone for a walk around the local park with the dog, and has just layed down for a nap! All but over now!

17.2 C Morris to D Hooda, WICKET!!! D Hooda is out b Chris Morris, 137.92 km/h full toss on leg stump.
17.1 C Morris to D Hooda, two runs, 129.58 km/h short length on middle stump.

3 overs to go, and DC are right on top now. Can SRH find something special? They need 48 from 18 balls

End of Over 17 - 4 runs, 2 wickets SRH 108/5
Deepak Hooda*1* (2b)
Abhishek Sharma1* (1b)
16.6 K Rabada to D Hooda, one run, 124.55 km/h short length on middle stump.
16.5 K Rabada to D Hooda, no run, 149.0 km/h full length on off stump.
16.4 K Rabada to A Sharma, one run, 146.65 km/h full length on leg stump.

Wicket! Two in two! This one isn't a slower ball! It's fast, furious and at Shankar's head this time from Rabada, and the top edge flies straight up into the night's sky before dropping down nicely into Pant's gloves! DC are right in the drivers seat now!

16.3 K Rabada to V Shankar, WICKET!!! V Shankar is out c Rishabh Pant b Kagiso Rabada, 147.84 km/h short length on off stump.

Wicket! HUGE MOMENT! Warner is well aware that boundaries are now needed every over, but KG is too good for him with yet another slower ball that takes a wicket! The Australian is looking to hit this over mid-off but there is no timing and the catch is held by Iyer!

16.2 K Rabada to D Warner, WICKET!!! D Warner is out c Shreyas Iyer b Kagiso Rabada, 114.67 km/h good length outside off stump.

50 for Warner!

KG Rabada is back, and Warner needs to get going here. Two down the ground brings Warner to his fifty. It's been a fairly slow one by his standards.

16.1 K Rabada to D Warner, two runs, 144.43 km/h good length going down leg.

Another really tight over for Sunrisers! Warner is furious that he can't get a boundary here. Something needs to change otherwise DC are going to see this home

End of Over 16 - 4 runs, 1 wicket SRH 104/3
David Warner*49* (45b 3x4 1x6)
Vijay Shankar1* (1b)
15.6 K Paul to D Warner, one run, 134.09 km/h full toss on off stump.

Close! The slower ball is edged behind but there's not enough pace to carry through to Pant! Warner is living dangerously!

15.5 K Paul to D Warner, no run.
15.4 K Paul to V Shankar, one run, 133.97 km/h full toss going down leg.
15.3 K Paul to D Warner, one run, 132.45 km/h good length on middle stump.

And with the fall of that wicket, it's time for our last strategic timeout of the day!

Wicket! Ricky the Bhui has gone now! He was really struggling if we are honest and Keemo Paul has got his man. And yep, you guessed it, another slower ball! This man has got the control and knowhow of when to bowl it under pressure. And it's always! Huge pressure on Warner at the other end now.

15.2 K Paul to R Bhui, WICKET!!! R Bhui is out c Axar Patel b Keemo Paul, 98.08 km/h short length outside off stump.
15.1 K Paul to D Warner, one run, 134.91 km/h full toss just outside off stump.

Great over under pressure from Amit Mishra, who had to deal with Warner really coming after him. Just five runs from it is a great outcome for DC. 56 needed from 30 now...

End of Over 15 - 5 runs SRH 100/2
David Warner*46* (41b 3x4 1x6)
Ricky Bhui7* (11b)
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