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Mumbai Indians won by 1 run
149/8 - 20/20 ov
148/7 - 20/20 ov
Final, Hyderabad

What an absolutely incredible (and fitting) finish to an amazing VIVO IPL 2019, with the Mumbai Indians prevailing by the smallest of margins - just one run. With CSK needing two off the last ball, an under-siege Lasith Malinga executed one of the most important slower balls of his career, trapping Shardul Thakur in front to send Mumbai into raptures. Momentum swung back and forth throughout, and the result is tough on CSK who fall agonisingly short of clinching back-to-back titles. Shane Watson (80 off 59) almost relived last year’s heroics, but it wasn’t to be as Jasprit Bumrah (2-14 off 4, man of the match) and 19-year-old Rahul Chahar (1-14 off 4) brilliantly stifled the CSK chase.


While we can look back on many game-changing moments throughout the final, none were bigger than the runout of MS Dhoni who was adjudged JUST short of his ground by the third umpire. Trying to steal a second run on overthrows, Ishan Kishan threw down the stumps to send the skipper back to the rooms. Up to that point, CSK looked in control in chasing the target of 150. But from there things changed, and MI - despite a nervy 18th over that went the distance - held their nerve. The win sealed their fourth IPL title and with it, bragging rights as the competition’s most successful side. They’ll be celebrating in Mumbai for some time…


Thanks for joining us throughout all 60 matches of this year’s tournament, it’s been a pleasure to have you all. We look forward to seeing you back next year!

Rohit Sharma: "We played some good cricket. Good to see we qualified in the top two. At the start of the tournament, we wanted to split the tournament into two halves. But credit to the entire squad, not just the XI. At different stages, our bowlers put their hands up and brought us back in the game. Every bowler who got an opportunity put their hand up, whatever condition we played in. We backed our ability and our skills, and that's probably why we got rewards. About Malinga, that's what champions do. I had confidence in him despite a poor third over. He also had confidence he could do it. I thought we could use Hardik for the 20th, but wanted to back someone who has done it for us. Malinga has done it many times in the past, so not a very difficult decision. As a captain, I am learning every game and every tournament. But need to give credit to the team. Firmly believe captain is representative of this team. Players make the captain look good."

MS Dhoni: "As a team we had a good season. But we need to go back and reflect. Wasn't one of those years where we played very good cricket. Middle order never clicked, but somehow we managed. Today was one game we should've done slightly better. It was quite a funny game, we were passing the trophy to each other. Both committed mistakes, and eventually the winning team was the one that committed one mistake less. Our bowlers did really well. It was not a 150 wicket, but the bowlers kept us in the hunt. They kept getting wickets when it was really needed. Batting, someone kept chipping in and we kept winning. To be consistent next year, we will have to really think hard. It's too early to say right now (about next year's plans). Up next is the World Cup. That's the first priority. After that, we will chat about CSK. Nothing against the bowlers, but the batsmen could've done better. Hopefully yes, we'll see you next year."

MVP: Andre Russell

MoM: Jasprit Bumrah

Sachin Tendulkar: "The key moment was Dhoni's run-out. But also in patches when Bumrah bowled those critical to even out Malinga's one poor over was also crucial. And the last over, thought Malinga finished the game out beautifully. And as for the final, we knew we defended 129 in the final two years ago, so we were confident. I think we have a terrific team - with experience and youth. As Mahela said, Rahul Chahar stands out the way he's bowled this season. Just fabulous. And don't forget Hardik. We were in the corner in many games this season, and Hardik bailed us out many times."

Mahela Jayawardene (MI coach): "Thought we had the game when MS got out, but then Watto started hitting. Some great decisions by Rohit, going back to experienced bowlers at the death. This is why we wanted to defend. Wanted to take a punt with Pollard while batting since he is good against CSK. Asked him to get us out off the mess, and he did so. Big players come to the party in big games. Young Rahul Chahar came off age too. Held his nerve on a wicket where there wasn't much."

Hardik: "Lot of people were saying that we had won three times so they would win the fourth. But I told Krunal, no, it's going to be 4-0. Lost a few kgs today (laughs), such a tight game. I used to have Mumbai Indians posters in my room growing up, and to win with them: amazing. Played well this season, but now time to move on. Want to lift that World Cup trophy as well."

Bumrah: "The ball was reversing when de Kock missed the ball, but we wanted to stay calm since similar things happened against Pune in 2017 as well. We always believed in our team this season. We have confidence in each and every individual. On their given day, any of our players can be matchwinners."

Malinga: "Last ball, I thought that if they get one run, it would be a Super Over, but I wanted us to win. So I went for my wicket ball."

Pollard: "These sort of games, these are the games you want to perform. People remember these games. Playing in so many finals, I knew getting runs adds pressure for the team batting second. I missed a few shots, but the way Bumrah and Malinga bowled in the last two overs - they finished it off for us. Malinga, a legend."

Mumbai Indians are VIVO IPL Champions 

Mumbai Indians win by 1 run

End of Over 20 - 7 runs, 2 wickets CSK 148/7
Ravindra Jadeja*5* (5b)

Wicket! Malinga traps Thakur in front and Mumbai Indians are the Kings of VIVO IPL 2019! After all that's happened this final, Malinga delivers the perfect slower ball to seal Mumbai Indians fourth IPL title. Absolute scenes in Hyderabad!

19.6 L Malinga to S Thakur, WICKET!!! S Thakur is out lbw Lasith Malinga, 112.38 km/h full length on leg stump.

Thakur squeezes it behind square and they come back for the second! 2 to get off the last for CSK! 1 to force a super over

19.5 L Malinga to S Thakur, two runs, 140.32 km/h full toss on middle stump.

Wicket! Watson squeezes one to backward point and is slow in turning for the second. Krunal fires in the throw and he's well short! Thakur strolls to the crease with CSK needing 4 off the last 2 balls. No pressure...

19.4 L Malinga to S Watson, WICKET!!! S Watson is out run out (Krunal Pandya), 140.57 km/h full length outside off stump.

A third good yorker but Watson muscles it to wide long-on and they scamper back for two. 5 to get off 3

19.3 L Malinga to S Watson, two runs, 141.73 km/h full toss on leg stump.

Another good yorker and Jadeja digs it out back at Malinga, who fumbles and almost gets a run-out! 7 to get off 4

19.2 L Malinga to R Jadeja, one run, 143.03 km/h full toss on leg stump.

Single down to long-on

19.1 L Malinga to S Watson, one run, 142.28 km/h full toss just outside off stump.

Utter chaos here in Hyderabad. The equation for CSK is 9 runs off the last 6 balls. Malinga to bowl it - can he redeem himself?

End of Over 19 - 9 runs, 1 wicket CSK 141/5
Ravindra Jadeja4* (4b)
Shane Watson*76* (56b 8x4 4x6)

Oh no! Four byes! de Kock completely misjudges this one and it goes through him to trickle away for four!

18.6 J Bumrah to R Jadeja, 4 byes.

They've scampered back for two - brilliant running between this pair

18.5 J Bumrah to R Jadeja, two runs, 147.27 km/h good length on leg stump.

Play and a miss! Bumrah too quick for Jadeja there

18.4 J Bumrah to R Jadeja, no run, 146.96 km/h good length just outside off stump.
18.3 J Bumrah to R Jadeja, two runs, 148.11 km/h full length just outside off stump.

Wicket! Bravo gives himself room and looks to go big over cover but can only manage an edge through to de Kock! Bumrah standing up here yet again for MI

18.2 J Bumrah to DJ Bravo, WICKET!!! DJ Bravo is out c Quinton de Kock b Jasprit Bumrah, 148.6 km/h short length on middle stump.
18.1 J Bumrah to S Watson, one run, 146.03 km/h short length on middle stump.
End of Over 18 - 20 runs CSK 132/4
Shane Watson*75* (55b 8x4 4x6)
Dwayne Bravo15* (14b 1x6)

Watson almost finishes the over with a boundary through point but it's a brilliant save. Scampers through for the single - he'll be facing Bumrah 

17.6 K Pandya to S Watson, one run, 112.8 km/h full toss outside off stump.

Six! Absolutely enormous!!! That's the biggest of the evening! This one's in the slot and Watson goes HUGE over midwicket. He's giving CSK a huge chance here

17.5 K Pandya to S Watson, no run, 112.08 km/h full length outside off stump.
17.4 K Pandya to S Watson, SIX, 110.44 km/h good length going down leg.
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